To improve listening リスニングを鍛える

To improve listening

I got question what good way is to improve listening in Japanese language.

This is difficult question but I try to answer this.


The reason why I think it’s difficult is good way depends on your preference.

I may share some ways to you but they may not be suitable for your language level and preference and then you will still look for other way…

My advice is to try many ways and then find good way that you can keep study.


I recommend ①Listening Japanese songs, ②watch animes or programs for kids on YouTube and ③make Japanese friends and talk with them.


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Listening Japanese songs

We Japanese also learn Japanese from Japanese songs when we are kids. In kindergarten or elementary school, we have many music classes.

When you study with song, please choose songs and see lyrics in Japanese language at same time. Otherwise, you do not understand what they are singing. If lyrics translated in English or your language, it’s much better. If you like this way, keep listening your favorite song and sing it to improve your speaking too.


Watch animes or programs for kids on YouTube

If you go to YouTube, you can find many animes or programs for Japanese kids.

Important point is start watching easy one, especially for kids’ program. They use easy Japanese and they often have subtitle. You can understand meaning and learn Japanese with fun.

I wrote post about Japanese songs on YouTube here.

How Japanese children learn Japanese language (with example of Japanese song on YouTube)

Japanese songs for Japanese language on YouTube (with translation in English)


Make Japanese friends and talk with Japanese

If you have Japanese friends or coworkers around you. I strongly recommend doing this.

Although they are busy with work or something, if you can show you really want to study Japanese and then they will help you,

Of course, you may contact me but I am not always available (sorry to say that).


You may choose any way but important point is Find good way depending to your preference and KEEP STUDYING. Otherwise, you will forget immediately.


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