Ideas to keep motivation for studying Japanese language

Ideas to keep motivation for studying Japanese language
Hi, are you studying Japanese language or other language?
Japanese language is difficult to master and you may sometimes lose motivation to keep studying or maybe start thinking about giving up studying.
Wait for a moment and listen to my ideas to keep motivation for studying language in this post.
If you study Japanese language with textbook and study by yourself, I can say it’s boring.
But you may think going to language school cost a lot and I cannot afford it.
Well, it’s true but now we can access any information on internet for free or cheap fee.
Here are my ideas to keep motivating you.

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1.Study with manga, drama, movie or song
Instead of language textbook, just study with these materials you are interested in.
I know some non-Japanese who mastered Japanese language only with manga.
Usually, language textbook includes not practical and unnecessary information, only written language. On the other hand, manga contents are practical, though sometimes very casual, and easy to understand it. Also, keep studying is easy.
As for drama, movie and song, you can find your favorite one on YouTube for free.
2. Find Japanese friend in SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
It’s better to find native Japanese to speak or practice in Japanese together.
3. Find Japanese teacher or tutor
Same as No.2, it’s better to find persons who can guide you, teach you, motivate you and correct your Japanese language. 
4. Make studying group online or offline
If you are interested in making group, I  may create group chat in my group on Facebook.
How many persons interested in?
5. Travel to Japan and try to communicate with local Japanese
If you go to Japan even for travel, you can feel anything motivated to study language.   
6. Make Japanese boy friend/girl friend
I think it’s best idea because you have to communicate closely with boy friend/girl friend. 
7, Contact with me 
I have group on Facebook, ID on Twitter and Instagram.
You may contact with me and ask questions if you have.

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