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Conjunctions – 接続詞を勉強しよう

Conjunction 接続詞せつぞくしを勉強べんきょうしよう Conjunction (接続詞せつぞくし) works connection with sentence and sentence. Conjunction is used in written sentence and conversation as well. In English, there are some conjunctions such as “but” “and” “by the way” “In...

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What is the most popular sports in Japan?

Which sports do you like and play? Basically, I like playing all kinds of sports, especially tennis, golf and swimming. I played soccer in elementary school and have played tennis since junior high until now....

What to study at first for beginner 0

What to study first for beginner

What to study first for beginner Hi, recently I got many friends who just started studying Japanese language. Some just finished how to write Hiragana and Katakana. Some just started basic grammar. In this...