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(J & E) Cherry Blossom Viewing-花見(Hanami)

(J & E) Cherry Blossom Viewing-花見(Hanami) (Japanese bellow) In Japan, Cherry blossom is about to be full bloom now. My sister said now is fifty-percent bloom(五分咲き,gobuzaki) in Tokyo. Japanese like cherry blossom and hold...

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Moving from Indonesia to Singapore

Moving from Indonesia to Singapore Hi. Season for Sakura is approaching! March and April is farewell and new life season in Japan since our school and company usually start new period in April and...

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How to master Kanji

How to master Kanji Hi, I heard from many non-Japanese that Kanji is difficult to study. Yes, it’s correct. In this post, I wanna introduce the efficient way to master Kanji by showing how...