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Verb conjugation(動詞の活用)

Verb conjugation(動詞どうしの活用かつよう) I think one of difficult part in Japanese is verb conjugation(動詞の活用). Conjugation is difficult word but we can say simply that “conjugation is to change form of verb”. In other language also,...

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Country name in Japanese – 国名

Country name in Japanese – 国名 Where are you from? あなたはどこから来ましたか? So far people from more than 100 countries visit this site. Thanks! You may answer to this question like this, わたしは○○から来ました。 In 〇〇,...

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Study Japanese with Ultraman song

Study Japanese with Japanese song Topic for this post is learn Japanese language with Japanese songs. I interested two songs before. These are links for songs. Aomushi song Vegetable march song I believe Japanese...