How to Study Japanese Language

Hi, Leo Sensei dayo!

I often hear from students “Japanese language is very difficult.”(Nihongo wa muzukashii.) Well… that’s true if you want to master Japanese perfectly, I think. (Even Japanese do not maeter perfectly though…) All you have to do is just learn ①characters like Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji(Chinese character), ②basic grammer and ③words and phrases which are practical and useful. I believe you feel “SO that’s why Japanese is very difficult!” after reading this. But don’t worry!

Do you speak English? If so, do you master English perfectly? I think even native English speakers do not know some words and make mistake in grammer. I use bad English in my workplace but can communicate with coworkers without big problem. What I want to say here is just to take it easy and learn basic and practical Japanese one by one. If you want to travel in Japan, read Japanese comic or speak with Japanese person etc, that is enough!

I will add language sessions here for Japanese language learners at elementary level with sound, movie and prctical examples. And I will add ④conversation section. You can start from any section, ①Characters, ②Grammer, ③Words and Phrases, ④Conversations according to your level.



② Grammer

③ Words and Phrases

④ Conversations