Who is “Leo” Sensei?

Hi, I am Ryosuke “Leo” Sato. I am pure Japanese guy. Why “Leo”?? Hahaha, Leo is my English name. That comes from my star sign( I was born at the end of July) and sound of my name Ryo which is similar with sound of Leo. I was born in Oita prefecture in Kyusyu island in Japan. Kyusyu is southwest part of Japan. I lived in Oita until high school and studied at Keio University in Tokyo. After graduation, I passed examination for Japanese and US certified public accountant and worked for accounting firm. I was auditor and had many business trips all over Japan. I visited 40 prefectures out of 47 prefectures in Japan. I quit former firm because I have wanted to work abroad since I started working. Now I work for accounting firm in Singapore.

Before Singapore, I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Why “Leo” teaches Japanese?

In my spare time, I started “exchanging” languages and cultures with my non-Japanese friends. I mean I taught Japanese language and culture to them and they taught me theirs. Why? Because most of my non-Japanese friends often said to me “Teach me Japanese because I will go to Japan this year.” “What is this Japanese song’s meaning?”etc. and I am interested in other country’s culture and language. I call this “session”, not lesson, because this is not one-way teaching but it’s like live music “session” by music band member. After I had sessions with more than 30 non-Japanese friends, I realized I could not manage my time and decided to make my own textbook on web site to teach more students. I know some Japanese textbooks for foreigner contain many mistakes and not practical examples. I want to teach precise and practical Japanese language to non-Japanese and make more Japanese fans. Please follow me.

What will I do in this web site?

What I will do in web site are as bellow;

  • To make contents for Japanese language learners at elementary level;
  • To add practical examples so that you can use practically at once;
  • To answer to your questions (you can ask any questions about Japanese language and culture from Question tab);
  • To write contents in English so that more people in world can understand;
  • To make contents accessible from smart phone;
  • To add column about culture and travel so that you can understand more about Japan.

※”Sensei” means teacher in Japanese.