Amazing! Vending Machine in Japan – 自動販売機(Jidou Hanbaiki)

Amazing! Vending Machine in Japan – 自動販売機(Jidou Hanbaiki)


Now many foreigners are coming to Japan. The number of foreign tourists is more than 20 million. Thank you for coming.

This is post about Selected 20 sightseeing places in Japan by Michelin.

There are many sightseeing places in Japan. But I heard many tourists are attracted by not only sightseeing spot but by high-techs systems like on-time train systems, auto toilet, and escalator because they do not have same on in their home country. Vending machine is one of them.

In this post, I wanna introduce high-tech vending machine with YouTube channel.


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Amazing vending machine

Vending machine is 自動販売機(じどうはんばいき、jidou hanbaiki)in Japanese. This word literally means ” automatic selling machine”.

There are many vending machines all over Japan. You can find it in almost every corner in Tokyo and big cities. The number of vending machine is about 5 million set in Japan.


You can buy drink, ramen, sandwich, banana, apple, tobacco, newspaper and so on with this machine. Not only selling goods. Some vending machine provides Wi-Fi for internet connection and CCTV for security. In emergency like earthquake or tsunami, you can even get foods and drinks from some vending machine for free. Amazing, right??


This vending machine makes drink 2 degree hotter than other vending machine. It’s based on consumer’s request. Especially people living in cold area need hotter drinks in winter.



Why so many vending machine?

One of main reason is saving cost. If you set vending machine for drink and food, you don’t need to have shops and employees there, right? Manpower cost and property cost are high in Japan.

Other reason is if you set vending machine in front of your home and building, you can get side income from 24-hour open machineLocation is important of course but the machine can keep earning money if it is located along with big street. 


But some says too many vending machines in Tokyo and these machines waste electricity. Well, maybe yes. For this issue, vending machine manufactures made machine which stops running at night time and restarts in morning. Great, isn’t it?

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Programs about vending machine on YouTube

I found a good channel introducing Japanese culture on YouTube. Only in Japan.

This program is very interesting and nice to know Japanese current culture. Non-Japanese introduce Japanese culture in English and time of each movie is for about 10 minutes. They featured vending machine. If you are interested in vending machine, check it out!


And I wanna add “vending machine” in countryside in Japan at last.


You can buy fresh vegetable here in this stand. But there is no one and you should put your money into box when you buy something. This is analog vending machine! You might think someone steels money or vegetables. No! We do not steel because someone may watch and basically we follow rules. And farmers usually produce many vegetables so they sell only part of vegetables here.


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