IT engineer and caregiver are promising work in Japan

IT engineer and caregiver are promising work in Japan

If you really want to live and work in Japan, I will tell what kind of job is good.

They are “IT Engineer (programmer)” and “Caregiver”.

I have some non-Japanese friends in Japan. They are from India, Myanmar and Vietnam etc. Most of their job is IT Engineer.

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Population is decreasing in Japan, especially in these areas.

Demand for IT engineering keeps booming as IOT(Internet of things), AI, 5G development are all related with coding in the end. In detail, if you study CSS/HTML, PHP, JAVA, Python etc., you have lots of chance to work in Japan with relatively high salary. Even you go to other country with knowledge in programming language, you have lots of chance to work there.


Japanese government welcomes high skilled and experienced foreigner. They give high benefits to high skilled people such as long stay permit, visa with family etc.


As for caregiver, Population in Japan is decreasing and getting older. That is reason for high demand in nursery service. Japanese government also welcomes caregiver from foreign countries. But please take note that Japanese government welcomes only people from Philippine, Vietnam and Indonesia in this area. They have accepted about 5,600 people from three countries in recent 5 years. I do not understand why they just welcome only people from three companies.


Language level

You may be worry about Japanese language skill in case you work as IT engineer or caregiver. Of course, if you live and work in Japan, it’s better to have enough command for Japanese language in speaking, reading, listing and writing. I think you should pass N3 at least. That is minimum level to communicate with Japanese people smoothly.


More advantage for IT engineer

IT giant companies such as Google, Facebook Apple invest in AI and IT Service areas. That means much money will be invested and market value for people working in this area will be high for sure.


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