5 major seasonings used in Japanese cuisine – さしすせそ

5 major seasonings used in Japanese cuisine – さしすせそ

I stay in Japan and have great Japanese food foo.

There are many factors why Japanese food is nice.

I think one of them is many kinds of seasonings.

In this post,  I wanna introduce major seasonings called さしすせそ

(Seasoning is 調味料ちょうみりょう in Japanese language.)

Seasoning often I purchase

I often purchase some seasonings from Japan because these seasonings are not available in Singapore or very expensive though it’s available. Seasoning is very important thing for cooking since it adds taste and flavor to foods. I wanna introduce seasoning in Japan. You may not know some of these because these are not popular and available only in my hometown, Oita in Kyushu island.

Also, I wanna introduce major seasonings called さしすせそ. Most Japanese know this meaning. This is not さline in hiragana chart in this case. Do you know what this means?


Otafuku Sauce (おたふくソース)

This is very popular! Yes, this is used for Okonomiyaki. You can also use this on fried food.


Tomato ketchup (トマトケチャップ)

This is not popular ketchup and available only in my hometown. Ogi machi in Oita prefecture is famous for its nice tomato. It tastes sour a bit and fit with any kinds of meat.


Yuzu koshou (ゆずこしょう)

This seasoning is very popular in Kyushu area. It made from yuzu (citron) and pepper. This tastes spicy with good flavor. This matches with fish and meat.

Yuzu koshou

Miso (みそ)

Miso is available everywhere but imported miso from Japan is very expensive. This miso comes from Hita city in Oita prefecture. This package is unique. This miso is presented to Japanese emperor for long time.

Hita Miso

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5 major seasonings (そ)

If you know this word stands for, I can say you are Japanese freak.

There are 5 basic seasonings often used in Japanese cuisine. さしすせそ stand for each seasoning. Do you know?


stands for 砂糖さとう(sugar). Sugar is used to add sweet taste like wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets.


stands for しお (salt). Sugar is used to add sweet taste. This is used for almost all dishes.



stands for (vinegar). It tastes sour and is used for sushi rice.


stands for 醤油しょうゆ(soy sauce). せうゆ is old name of しょうゆ(shouyu). This is used for almost all Japanese dishes too.


stands for 味噌みそ(miso). Miso is used for miso soup.


If you use these seasonings, you can easily make Japanese taste dishes. For example, if you blend さとう(sugar) and しょうゆ(soy sauce) together, that will be てりやき(teriyaki) sauce. Season chicken and stir fry with pan then you can make chicken teriyaki

I recommend these for souvenir to your family and friends. If you go to supermarket or department store, you can find lots of Japanese seasoning.

Hope you enjoy Japanese taste!


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