Top 10 popular city in world for tourists

Top 10 popular city in world

I found interesting news about tourists all over world.

“Which city is popular in world?”

I wrote summary in Japanese and English as bellow.

Can you understand?

If you study Japanese language, please try to understand and how much percentage can you understand?

I recommend reading easy and interesting news to improve your vocabulary and grammar. 

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(In Japanese)




(In English)

US credit card company, Master Card announced ranking of popular city for tourists in 2018.

In 2018, most attractive city for tourists was Bangkok in Thailand (22.7million). Second was Paris in France (19.1million) and third was London in England (19.0million). Tokyo was 9th in world and number of tourists in 2018 was 12.9million.

According to Mastercard, “tourists interested in foreign culture is increasing every year and Tokyo will be more popular among tourists. More people will visit Tokyo in 2019 and increasing percentage compared with 2018 is estimated to be No.1.”.


This is ranking by Mastercard.

The Global Top 10 Destination Cities in 2018
Ranking City name City name in Japan 2018 International Overnight Visitors Growth Forecast for 2019 Average Length of Stay Average Spend Per Day (USD)
1 Bangkok バンコク 22.78 million 3.34% 4.8 nights $184
2 Paris パリ 19.10 million 2.24% 2.5 nights $296
3 London ロンドン 19.09 million 3.47% 5.8 nights $148
4 Dubai ドバイ 15.93 million 1.68% 3.5 nights $553
5 Singapore シンガポール 14.67 million 4.00% 4.2 nights $272
6 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia クアラルンプール 13.79 million 9.87% 5.7 nights $142
7 New York ニューヨーク 13.60 million 2.94% 7.9 nights $152
8 Istanbul イスタンブール 13.40 million 8.14% 5.8 nights $106
9 Tokyo 東京 12.93 million 10.02% 5.4 nights $196
10 Antalya, Turkey アンタルヤ 12.41 million 8.14% 14.0 nights $44


Many cities in Asia rank in high position.

I have been to 7 sities except Dubai and 2 cities in Turkey.

How about you?


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