How to call someone’s name in Japanese -呼称

How to call someone’s name in Japanese

When you call someone’s name in Japanese, there are some words you should add with name like Mr. Ms. Miss. and Mrs. in English.

Those are as bellow;

さん san

くん kun

ちゃん cyan

さま sama


殿どの dono

殿下でんか denka

陛下へいか heika


If you wrongly use these to someone, the person may think you are rude.

Also, you should avoid call only name at first contact or first meeting. Call “〇〇 さん” is better.

Let’s study appropriate word so that you can choose right word to the person.

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This is widely used in school and workplace etc.

You may use to both man and woman.

If you cannot choose right one at once, it’s safe to use さん in any case at first.

さん contains respect to the person so the person will not think you are rude.



This is mainly used for boy until high school.

Rarely used to girl.



This is mainly used for girl until high school.

But you can use to little boy.

Do you Japanese anime, Crayon Shin-chan?

Shin-chan is little boy but called with chan.

Shin- chan’s real name is Shinnosuke.

He is also called Shinnosuke kun.

Both are ok.



Sama is mainly used for customers, boss in workplace with respect.

You may use to both man and woman.


This is mainly used in news and report.

Talking about third person people don’t know.

You may use to both man and woman.



This is used when someone is awarded in competition or for long term service or for no absence at school etc. This is rare and special case. On certification, the name is stated with 殿どの.

You may use to both man and woman.



This is also special one that we use these for emperor or imperial family.

Sometimes this is applicable to royal family in foreign country.



At workplace, some company still allow employees to call upper person with title.

For example, when Mr Sato is president (社長しゃちょう) of company, employee may use 佐藤社長さとうしゃちょう.


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