Calligraphy art -書道(Syodou)

Can you read this kanji?

This shows some chracter.

和 B (1)

Seems difficult, right?

I also could not read this at first time.

The answer is ” 和 “(わ, wa).

” 和 ” means gentle, warm, soft, getting along well, no fight, Japan etc.

Common words using “和” are 平和(へいわ, heiwa, peace in English),  和牛(わぎゅう, wagyuu, Japanese beaf in English) and 調和(ちょうわ, cyouwa, harmony in English).


書道 is calligraphy in Japanese. This work of calligraphy was written by one buddhist priest who is an artist as well. I feel this style in this work is full of originality and his inspiration in one paper. This hanging scroll is exhibited in Japanese -style room with tatami in my parents’ house in Japan. My mom loves this because this kanji is in her name.  When I come back to my house, I usually stay and sleep in this room comfortably and peacefully.


Calligraphy art is one of traditional art originally from China. Generally, we use brush and ink to write characters. This art has characteristicks artistic points such as the way brush is handled, ink shade, and composition of character in paper. We Japanese learn basic calligraphy at elementary school. One interesting customs at the begginig of the year is writing some characters for wishes.  I think calligraphy is very educative for promoting children’s concentration and imagination. I seriously recommend your child to learn calligraphy!

I heard some foreigners love calligraphy art and want to experience of calligraphy in Japan.

How about you?

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