How to write E-mail in Japanese – 日本語でEメールを書いてみよう

How to write Email in Japanese

I was asked some questions from “students”.

I’d like to write about one of these questions in this post. The theme is how to write Email in Japanese with sample mails.


These days there are many kinds of communication tools such as SNS (Facebook, Line, Instagram etc.), telephone, letter and so on. However, Email is still widely used for communication especially on business.


When used in business, there are some points you should know

Here is post about Working for Japanese company

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① だれたいして?(to whom you are writing)

Expression and words are different depending on to whom you are writing.

Is it to customer? To boss? To colleagues? To friends? To family?

(I think sending email to friends and family are getting less and less now)

In case you send mail to customer, you should use respect form or polite form (~です、~ます)


② 内容ないようはわかりやすく(easy to understand)

③ なるべくみじかく (brief but enough contents and sentences)

You should understand business persons are always busy with many things to do.

Be short and easy to understand is highly recommended.


④ まり文句もんく (typical phrases)

There are some typical phrases in emails in Japanese as bellow (it’s like greetings);



⇒ usually used in first part of mail to customer/supplier and this means kind of “hello” but implies respect to recipient



⇒  usually used in first part of mail to internal person and this means kind of “hello”



⇒ usually used in end of mail and this means “thank you” or “thank you for your cooperation” etc


⑤ 宛先あてさきひとをどうぶか(how to address, with さま or さん)

On top of email, you state “〇〇様” or “〇〇さん”, it’s same as “Dear 〇〇” in English.

“〇〇さま” is expression with respect. Therefore, it’s usually used to customers or suppliers, persons who are outside of your company. On the other hand, “〇〇さん” is used to your boss/colleagues. However, “〇〇さん”  is sometimes used to customers or suppliers these days as “〇〇さん” is considered polite expression.

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These are actual examples of emails used in workplace.


例①(おれいつたえる)(to express thank you to customer)











”Dear Leo-sama


Thank you for invitation to dinner the other day.

We are really appreciated to having you time and it was nice for us to have opportunity to know more about each other.

It is our pleasure to meet you again in near future.





例②(上司じょうしからの進捗確認しんちょくかくにんメール)(Mail from boss to confirm status of your work)












”Dear Leo san,


How is status of report in project A? Could you update?

Tough you are supposed to make draft report by this Friday (2days later),

If you have inquiries or unclear points, please report to me.

This is gentle reminder but due date to submit report to client is next Tuesday.





例③(上司じょうしへの報告ほうこく)(Mail from you to boss to report status of your work)











”Dear Sato san,


Thank you for your mail.

Regarding report in ABC project,

I completed about 80%.

May I ask you at your convenient time tomorrow as there are some points I need your advice?





Hope this post will help your mail-writing in Japanese.

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