Sakura season (Cherry Blossoms)

Sakura Season

In Japan, Cherry blossom(さくら, Sakura) will be full bloom this month.

Earth communication Provider(日本気象株式会社) announced cherry blossom forecast on March 7th.

This is latest forecast when cherry blossoms will be fully open by area in Japan.

Here is forecast map! From south to north, it starts blooming.

Sakura map

I know many foreign tourists visit Japan in this season.

If you can see fully open flowers, you are so lucky!

Sakura is national flower, Floral emblem in Japan.

In Japan you can find Sakura everywhere and we Japanese love Sakura.

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Many kinds of Cherry blossoms

As you may not know, there are many kinds of Cherry blossoms and full bloom season is a little different. They say we can find more than 600 kinds of Sakura in Japan.


Usually, when we call Sakura, that indicated “ Somei-Yoshino, ソメイヨシノ, Yoshino Cherry). Its color is white mixed with pink a little and it is said 80% of cherry blossoms in Japan is this species. Somai Yoshino will be full open around end of March.

Somei Yoshino

Second popular cherry blossoms is “八重桜やえざくら, Yae-Zakura, double cherry blossoms”. Its color is vivid pink and more flower petals than Somei-Yoshino. Somei Yoshino will be full open in April.

Yae Zakura

This is not cherry blossoms but Ume (うめ, Ume) is also nice in this season. Usually it fully opens early March.


Here is post for Sakura Viewing.

Enjoy your Sakura viewing.


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