Typical phrases – Introduction and “How are you?” with native Japanese voice

Typical phrases in daily conversation – Introduction and “How are you?”

In certain situation in daily conversation, some typical phrases are used. These are formed as one phrase. I mean it’s fixed pattern and you should memorize by practicing and using many times.

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When introduction

初めまして、佐藤です。(Hajimemashite sato desu)


よろしくお願いします。(Yoroshiku onegai shimasu)


First phrase means “Nice to meet you, I am Sato” in English. This is the phrase you must memorize when you meet someone at first. It is polite to inform your name to someone you don’t know. In business, you should hand your name card with saying this phrase.

Second phrase actually has lots of meaning depending on the situation. In this case, this phrase means “I am glad to meet you and I would like to have good relation with you from now” in English


When asking “How are you?”

お元気ですか?/元気ですか? (Ogenki desuka? / Genki desuka?)


ご機嫌いかがですか? (Gokigen ikaga desuka?)


調子どう?(Choushi dou?)


元気です。(Genki desu)


First phrase means “How are you?” in English. This phrase is often used when you meet someone for the first time in long time and ask someone what one has been doing. If you say “Ogenki desuka?”, this will be polite and is used to older person or your boss.

Second phrase is same as first one but this is very polite. This is used to elder person or customer.

Third phrase means “How are you doing?” This is more casual and used to friends.

Fourth phrase means “I am fine.” in English.


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