Particle “も(mo)” and “な(na)” with native Japanese voice (N5 level) with native Japanese voice

Particle “も(mo)” and “な(na)” with native Japanese voice (N5 level)

Let’s study particle も(mo) and な(na) in this post.

This is N5 level in JLPT. 

(JLPT is short for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけん and recognized passport to show your Japanese language ability. You may take test in July and December.)

Particle も(mo) and な(na)  are often used in conversation and sentences in many kinds of documents.

も(mo) is equivalent of “too, also, as well, and” in English, showing additional information.

On the other hand, な(na) is used at end of sentence and equivalent of “Don’t do 〜” in English, showing prohibition.


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Particle “も”

Main usage is “too, also” in English, showing additional information.


Example for も(mo)

 A) わたし日本にほんはたらきたい。

(I also want to work in Japan.)


⇒I often hear this phrase from student. In this sentence, I also want to work in Japan and maybe in this conversation, not only I but other person want to work in Japan. Adding information on subject.


B) ヒカルは、バナナもリンゴもいちごもきだ。

(Hikaru loves banana, apple and strawberry.)


⇒In this sentence, banana, apple and strawberry are tied withもas favorite fruits. Adding information on object Hikaru loves. (Hikaru is my son’s name!)


Formation for も

Noun + も

私 + も

バナナ + も

リンゴ + も

いちご + も


Particle “な”

な(na) is used at end of sentence and equivalent of “Don’t do〜, must not” in English, showing prohibition.


Example for な(na)

C) まぜるな! 危険きけん!

(Don’t mix together! Dangerous! )


⇒In this sentence, which is often seen on detergent package, you must not mix other detergent or something together. If you do that, chemical reaction causes toxic gas and harm you!


Formation for な

Verb (dictionary form) + な

まぜる + な


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