Which textbook is good to study Japanese language?

Which textbook is good to study Japanese language?
I got questions about textbook on Japanese language.
Which textbook is good?
I think good textbook depends on your preference and feeling when you see book at bookstore or Amazon.
(Sorry, I don’t know much about Apps.)
It’s very important to select suitable textbook for you especially when you study by yourself.
This is post about textbook, especially which factors the book should have.

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Important points
  • Less mistake in vocabulary usage and grammar
  • Made by Japanese or reviewed by Japanese
  • Contains practical examples
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Written in English or your mother language (or written in Japanese bur contains translation in English or your language)
  • Contains pictures and charters (not only characters)
  • With sound track by native Japanese
  • Avoid old and not updated textbook
  • Avoid expensive one
  • Motivate you to keep studying
I found some textbooks are written by non-Japanese and not reviewed by native Japanese then the textbooks contains mistakes and not practical examples such as phrases we do not use in real life.   
Also, some famous textbooks were very old and not updated. These textbooks have examples and expressions we do not use anymore. 
If you feel easy to study with your language and English, you should select textbook written in your language or English.  
My recommendation 
I think 大地(Daichi) published by 3A Network.
I will update good textbook here when I review more books!!
As you may notice, I upload articles about Japanese languages on this website.
I will make my own textbook for Japanese learners by compiling these articles. 

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