Phrasing “〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)” with native Japanese voice (N5 level)

Phrasing “〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)”  with native Japanese voice (N5 level)

Let’s study phrasing “〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)”  in this post.

This is N5 level in JLPT. 

(JLPT is short for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験にほんごのうりょくしけん and recognized passport to show your Japanese language ability. You may take test in July and December.)

Phrasing “〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)” is often used in conversation.


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Phrasing “〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)”    

~したことがある means “have experience to do something”. You can express your experience you have done before.

For example, you can say “I have been to Japan” “I have studied mechanical engineering at university” “I have worked in Japanese company” etc. by using ~したことがある.


Formation for 〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)

① 〜verb (past form) +ことがある


Example for 〜したことがある(〜shitakoto ga aru)

 A) 日本にほんに3かいったことがある。

I have been to Japan three times.



I have worked in Japanese company.


If you wanna say denial sentences, you can use ~したことがない instead.


I have not been to Japan yet.



I have not worked in Japanese company.


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