Study Japanese with Ultraman song

Study Japanese with Japanese song

Topic for this post is learn Japanese language with Japanese songs.

I interested two songs before. These are links for songs.

Aomushi song

Vegetable march song

I believe Japanese songs for kids on YouTube are useful to study Japanese because 

  • Lyrics are written in easy Japanese
  • Subtitles are available in hiragana or katakana
  • With lots of impact pictures and movie
  • Used many positive words and phrases

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Study Japanese with Ultraman song

Recently, my three-year-old son likes to watch Ultraman on YouTube.

Do you know ultraman? 

It’s hero made in Japan about 40 years ago.

Ultraman has family with father, mother and 7 brothers.

Ultraman fights with monsters but ultraman can live only 3 minutes on earth. When this 3 minutes is ending, blue timer on chest turns to red and getting weaker.


If you do not like Ultraman, I recommend other anime song like 君をのせて, theme song for “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”. This is more difficult than Ultraman song.



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