Useful channel by NHK for Japanese language study

Useful source for study Japanese language provided by NHK

I got request to introduce useful source to study Japanese language such as song and video and app.

As you already know, I found one useful video channel provided by NHK (Nippon Housou Kyokai, Japan Broadcasting Corporation). This is for not beginner but all Japanese learner can enjoy contents.

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NHK provides NHK WEB Easy for junior high school and high school students or foreigner in Japan. The news contents are written in easy Japanese with furigana on all kanjis. In addition, scripts are read by slow Japanese narrator and you can watch related video for more understanding.

The website is here

They update 5 to 6 short news every day.


How to study with NHK WEB Easy

I introduce how to use this channel for study as example.

Of course, you can follow your own way.


First just read headline and guess contents from headline.

And then listen script without reading script.

After this listen script by following script and check words and phrases you do not know.

And check meaning of words and phrases you do not know with dictionary and take note on your notebook.

At last, listen script again and you may speak with script.


I think checking one short news every day is enough to improve your Japanese ability.

But please take note that keeping studying is very important.


For beginner, only one sentence in one news is enough. Try to understand and keep it every day.


By doing like this, your reading and listening (speaking) skills improve dramatically, I think.

Just keep doing it!


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