Why I teach Japanese

Why I teach Japanese

Now I am teaching Japanese language and culture online and offline as Leo Sensei.

I am native Japanese.

I have my website and post articles for Japanese language learner.

Also, I teach Japanese language offline at café after my work.

In this post, I would tell you reason why I teach Japanese online and offline like this.

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Reasons why I teach Japanese online are:

  • I like to teach Japanese and anything about Japan
  • I realize much needs for non-Japanese people who want to study Japanese
  • I found some mistakes and impractical examples in textbook at bookstore
  • The number of native Japanese teachers is not enough
  • I have lots of experience for working in Japan and Japanese companies and travel in Japan

In my spare time, I started “exchanging” languages and cultures with my non-Japanese friends. I mean I taught Japanese language and culture to them and they taught me theirs. Why? Because most of my non-Japanese friends often said to me “Teach me Japanese because I will go to Japan this year.” “What is this Japanese song’s meaning?”etc. and I am also interested in other country’s culture and language. Basically, I like to teach and learn something. My job is accounting consultant.

After I had sessions with more than 30 non-Japanese friends, I realized I could not manage my time and decided to make my own textbook on web site to teach more students. I came to know some Japanese textbooks for foreigner at bookstore contain many mistakes and not practical examples. I guess these books are made by non-Japanese who studied Japanese but not reviewed by native Japanese.

Also, I know there is Japanese native teacher who teaches in foreign country. But number of teachers is a little and not enough for the number who wants to study Japanese. Also, very little teacher can use multiple language, local language or English and Japanese. When teachers have language class, they should use local language or English so that students can understand.

This is my private opinion but teacher should teach not only language but culture, working in Japan or Japanese companies and more anything about Japan because students are interested in not only studying language. That means teacher should have not only knowledge and skills for teaching language but experience for working in Japan and Japanese companies and travel in Japan,

I want to teach precise and practical Japanese language to non-Japanese and make more Japanese fans.

Please follow me.

This is post about how to master kanji.

This is post about 50 grammar points for JLPT N5 level.


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6 Responses

  1. Cha says:

    Thanks for sharing leo sensei.. i would love to learn ur language and culture. My dad use to share stories of his experiences in your country.. everything seems so interesting.. He wishes me to visit ur country someday.. But he died last December 2015 until now i havent seen and vist Japan.. hope you help me to learn first ur language then ur culture then ur heart.. see you Japan.. God bless and thank u in advance..

  2. Aldrine Mallari says:

    I would like to learn Japanese. And, as you’ve mentioned above, I’m very willing to also teach my language to you (which is Filipino/Tagalog) I can also share some informations about my culture. Looking forward to your respond. Have a great day!

  3. Omkar Singh says:

    I wanna learn Japanese language.

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