What to study first for beginner

What to study first for beginner

Hi, recently I got many friends who just started studying Japanese language.

Some just finished how to write Hiragana and Katakana. Some just started basic grammar.

In this post, I would like to write what to study first for beginner. Target is person who just started or person who wants to start studying but don’t know what to begin.

Please take note this is based on my thought. Others may have other thought.

Also, this is important point.

When you start studying your mother tongue or English, how did you start? Please remember.

That is also good hint to you.

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First step – memorize basic greeting

At first, please learn greetings and phrases often used in daily life.

After studying, please use it by speaking out or text with your friends and family.


I wrote port about basic greetings with audio example by my voice.

Greeting① – Hello and goodbye あいさつ(こんにちは, さようなら etc.) with native Japanese voice

Greeting② – Thanks and sorry あいさつ(ありがとう、すみません)with native Japanese voice


Second step – learn hiragana and katakana

Hiragana and katakana are basic of Japanese and you must know.

However, if you study this at first step, you will be bored soon because studying only hiragana and katakana is too simple and boring. So I recommend studying after you get familiar with Japanese by learning basic greetings.


This is hiragana and katakana chart for you.



Third step – learn very basic vocabulary

Very basic vocabulary means words used in daily life and conversation.

For example, words about family, stuffs in your room, food, clothes, vehicles anything around you. Why I recommend this is you can easily remember Japanese words if you study words around you. When you see desk in your room, you will remember “desk is つくえ in Japanese”.


Fourth step – learn basic grammar

Same as hiragana and katakana, if you start this at first, you may fee difficult and stop studying. Yes, Japanese grammar is difficult…

I summarized basic grammar for beginner here.

JLPT N5 point summary (Grammar) 


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