Conjunctions – 接続詞を勉強しよう

Conjunction 接続詞せつぞくし勉強べんきょうしよう

Conjunction (接続詞せつぞくし) works connection with sentence and sentence.

Conjunction is used in written sentence and conversation as well.

In English, there are some conjunctions such as “but” “and” “by the way” “In the end” and so on. Japanese language also has some conjunctions. I think there are more conjunctions in Japanese than in English.

If you understand conjunctions, you can understand meaning of sentence more easily.

Also, if you can use conjunctions well, your speaking and writing will be more understandable for others.

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Conjunctions example

These are conjunctions list by category often used in Japanese.

No. Type in JP Type and explanation in En Conjunction in JP Conjunction in En
1 順接じゅんせつ Resultative
What follows is a result of the preceding
それで、だから、そこで、すると etc So、Therefore、And、Then etc
2 逆接ぎゃくせつ Contradictory
What follows is a contrastive situation or result of the preceding
しかし、だが、だけど、けれども、ところが etc But、However etc
3 並立へいりつ添加てんか Additional conjunction
Add more information or further explanation
また、そして、なお、そのうえ etc And、In addition etc
4 対比たいひ選択せんたく Giving choice
Giving choice from preceding sentence and following sentence
それとも、または、もしくは etc Or etc
5 説明せつめい補足ほそく Giving reason or cause
Giving reason or cause of preceding sentence
つまり、なぜなら、すなわち etc Because、as、in other words etc
6 転換てんかん Change topics ところで、され、では etc By the way etc


Characteristics of conjunctions

These are more tips about conjunctions

  • Conjunctions are in Hiragana
  • Conjunctions are often used in top of sentence

In JLPT test, there is reading section and conjunctions are important to understand meaning of sentences and topic in reading.


Examples in sentences

Here are examples in sentences.

Can you understand what type of conjunctions are used and meaning of sentences?


① きのうはあめがたくさんった。そのため道路どうろがまだぬれている。

      It rained a lot yesterday. So road is still wet.



   It rained a lot yesterday. But it is very fine today.



   It rained a lot yesterday. Because typhoon has hit here.


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