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Reasons why you should know words often used in work

If you start working in Japanese company or you have job interview for Japanese company, it is recommended that you should know words often used in workplace.

There are some reasons why you should know the words.

Firstly, it’s easy to communicate with Japanese people in workplace if you know words frequently used in work. We Japanese often use these words without asking the meaning of the words to others. That means everyone knows the meaning and usage of the words. In this situation, if only you do not know meaning of the word, you can not catch up with the situation related with the words.

Secondly, if you know the words but do not know the entire topic, you can guess the topics as the words are used in some specific situation. For example, 財務諸表ざいむしょひょう (financial statements) is the word used in the situation of accounting, audit, financial reporting to headquarter etc.  

Thirdly, if you know the words, you can save time to communicate with others. Similar with first reason, if you know the words and meaning of the word, you do not need to explain the word in long sentence. In the end, you can save time to communicate and others may feel comfortable based on mutual understanding.

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List of words often used in work – 仕事しごとでよく使つかう、やく言葉ことばのリスト(日本語にほんご英語えいご、ローマ

These are list of useful words in workplace.

Please list up how many words you already know.

(This list will be updated accordingly.)

Japanese English Roma-ji for typing
財務諸表ざいむしょひょう financial statements zaimushohyo
貸借対照表たいしゃくたいしょうひょう balance sheet taishakutaishouhyou
損益計算書そんえきけいさんしょ profit and loss statements sonekikeisannsyo
資産しさん  asset shisan
固定資産こていしさん  fixes asset koteishisan
流動資産りゅうどうしさん  current asset ryuudoushisan
投資とうし  investment toushi
負債ふさい  liability husai
固定負債こていふさい  fixed liability koteihusai
流動負債りゅうどうふさい  current liability ryuudouhusai
資本しほん  capital shihon
売上高うりあげだか  sales uriagedaka
利益りえき  profit rieki
キャッシュフロー  cash flows kyasshuhuro
パソコン  personal computer pasokon
コピー  copier machine kopi-ki
注文書ちゅうもんしょ purchase order cyuumonnsho
荷渡指図書にわたしさしずしょ delivery order niwatashi haccyuusho
請求書せいきゅうしょ invoice seikyuusyo
領収書りょうしゅうしょ receipt ryousyuusyo
介護かいご  care kaigo
介護施設かいごしせつ  nursing facility kaigoshisetsu
介護福祉士かいごふくしし caregiver kaigohukushishi
保険ほけん  insurance hoken
経理部けいりぶ  accounting department keiribu
財務部ざいむぶ  financial department zaimubu
総務部そうむぶ  general affair department soumubu
製造部門せいぞうぶもん  manufacturing department seizoubumon
研究開発部門けんきゅうかいはつぶもん  research and development department kenkyuukaihatsubumon
英語えいご  English eigo
日本語にほんご  Japanese nihongo
試用期間しようきかん  probation period shiyoukikan
研修けんしゅう  training kenssyuu
社員旅行しゃいんりょこう  company trip syainryokou
社員割引しゃいんわりびき  discount for employee syainwaribiki
新入社員しんにゅうしゃいん  fresh business person shinnyuushain
就職しゅうしょく  start job syuusyoku
転職てんしょく  switch job tenshoku
上司じょうし  boss jyoushi
同僚どうりょう  colleague douryou
部下ぶか  subordinate buka
株主かぶぬし  shareholder kabunushi
取締役とりしまりやく  director torishimariyaku
代表取締役だいひょうとりしまりやく  managing director daihyoutorishimariyaku
社長しゃちょう  chief executive officer  syacyou

Of course, these are only a few words and there are more useful words in work. 

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