Who visits Japan and How much tourist spends?

Hi, do you plan to go to Japan? How many times have you been to Japan?

On October 21st, interesting survey on foreign toursit was disclosed by Japan National Tourist Organization(JNTO) and Japan Tourism Agency. 


This chart shows the number of tourist by country in September, 2015 and money spent during their travel in Japan.

Ranking Country Traveler in September 2015 % Money spent in Japan per person (in JPY)
1 China 491,200 29.5% 215,986
2 Taiwan 302,900 18.2% 104,395
3 South Korea 301,700 18.1% 66,577
4 HongKong 115,200 6.9% 158,621
5 US 76,300 4.6% 163,064
6 Australia 34,700 2.1% 189,893
7 Thailand 34,400 2.1% 135,207
8 UK 22,700 1.4% 190,287
9 Malaysia 21,300 1.3% 142,150
10 Singapore 18,700 1.1% 177,099
11 Philippine 15,800 0.9% 126,953
12 Vietnam 15,600 0.9% 175,466
15 Indonesia 12,900 0.8% 140,005
16 India 9,100 0.5% 155,208
  Other 193,200 11.6%  
  Total 1,665,700   150,346

 (Source: 日本政府観光局 JNTO) (1 USD = about 120 JPY)

China, Korea, Taiwan and HongKong are in Top5 since these countries are near from Japan. Tourists from South East Asia are getting increasing because of weaken JPY and their economic booming.


There are some interesting analytic comments by country in this survey.

South Korea: Holiday and promotion to young generation on TV and magazine contributed the biggest number in the past.

China: Cruising to Japan boosted the number. 50 cruiser carried 124,000 persons in September. Their main purpose is shopping.

Thailand: Travel fair and promption by SNS contributed the number.

Singapore: Cheaper fuel surcharge and holiday boosted the number. Singaporean tends to avoid Thailand and South Korea as destination because of terrorism now.

Malaysia: Holiday and new direct flight by ANA from KL to Narita boosted the number.

Indonesia: Cheaper fuel surcharge and travel fair contributed the number.

Philippines: VISA relaxation and promotion contributed the number. Package tour to Christian churches in Nagasaki was newly promoted.

Vietnam: Event in Japan and the increasing number of trainee in Japan boosted the number. Vietnamese tends to stay in Japan longer than other country.

Australia: New direct flight from Brisbane to Narita and long holiday contributed.


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Top 5 visitors by country.

No.1  Malaysia

No.2 Singapore

No.3 Indonesia

No.4 Japan

No.5 Philippines

Very interesting data if compared with the survey.

I will keep posting to attract Japanese fans no mattar what is his or her nationality!

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