Useful words! Japanized-English – 和製英語

Useful words! Japanized-English – 和製英語

Hi, I got question from one non-Japanese friend. “What is コンセント in English?”

コンセント is this.


What is コンセント in English? Some Japanese believe コンセント comes from English because it is in Katakana. Katakana is used for the word originally coming from foreign country. For example, サッカー comes from soccer in English.

But No. コンセントis wall outlet or wall socket in English.


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What is Japanized-English?

This sometimes makes Japanese people confused when we study English. And I believe non-Japanese also feel confused when they study Japanese. In this post, I wanna show useful Japanized-English words and actual English in the list.


Some sounds existing in English can not be represented by phonetic character set. These sounds are represented by using similar sounds that exist in Japanese or abbreviated so that Japanese speaker can pronounce.


This is post about useful Particles



Japanese Romaji for pronunciation English meaning Memo
アパート  apa-to apartment Abbreviation of English word
アフターサービス  afuta- sa-bisu aftersales service  
アルバイト  arubaito part-time job Comes from German “arbeit”, means work
アポイント  apointo appointment Abbreviation of English word
インフレ  infure inflation Abbreviation of English word
エアコン  eakon air-conditioner Abbreviation of English word
OL oueru office worker Means “female office worker”
オートバイ  o-tobai motorbike  
OB oubi- alumni (alumnus)  
ガソリンスタンド  gasolin sutando gas station  
カッパ  kappa raincoat Comes from Portugal “capa”, means raincoat
ガラス  garasu glass  
カンニング  kanningu cheating  
クーラー  ku-ra- air-conditioner  
クレーム  kure-mu complaint Comes from claim
コストパフォーマンス  kosuto pafo-mansu good buy Means “high performance or experience or food considering reasonable price”
コック  kokku cook/chef Comes from cooking
コンセント konsento wall outlet/wall socket  
コンプレックス  konpurekkusu inferiority complex  
サービス  sa-bisu free Means “for free”
サイン  sain signature  
サボる  saboru cut Comes from French “sabotage”, means lazy at work on purpose
サラリーマン  sarari-man salaried worker  
サンプル  sanpuru example  
シルバーシート shiruba-shi-to seats for elderly person  
スーパー  su-pa- supermarket Abbreviation of English word
スト  suto strike Abbreviation of English word
ズボン  zubon trousers Comes from French “jupon”, means trousers
センスがいい  sensu ga ii stylish/ well-dressed  
タレント  tarento entertainer/ celebrity  
チャック  chakku zipper  
デパート  depa-to department store Abbreviation of English word
デフレ  defure deflation Abbreviation of English word
テレビ  terebi television Abbreviation of English word
電子レンジ  denshi renji microwave oven  
トイレ  toire bathroom, restroom  
トランプ toranpu cards  
ドンマイ donmai Never mind Comes from “Don’t mind”, means never mind   if you fail
ネゴ nego negotiation Abbreviation of English word
ノート no-to notebook  
ハーフ  ha-fu mixed  
ハイウェイ haiwei freeway  
バイク  baiku motor cycle  
ハイテンション  haitenshon overexcited  
パソコン  pasokon personal computer Abbreviation of English word
パトカー  patoka- patrol car  
パン  pan bread  
パンク  panku flat tire  
ピーアール pi-a-ru sell oneself  
ビル  biru building Abbreviation of English word
フライパン  huraipan frying pan Abbreviation of English word
ブラインド  buraindo shade  
ボールペン  borupen ball point pen  
ポスト  posuto mail box  
ホッチキス hocchikisu stapler Comes from Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss, creator of staplar in US
ホットケーキ  hottoke-ki pancake  
マスコミ  masukomi mass comminication Abbreviation of English word
マンション  manshon flat, condominium  
ミス  misu mistake Abbreviation of English word

There are more Japanized-English but I selected useful ones only. I may add more if I find more useful words.
Interestingly, some words come from not English. For example, アルバイト is from German language.

We Japan started trading with foreign country in 1850’s. Many foreign stuffs and words has come from foreign country since then. We could not listen and understand each pronunciation. That is one of the reason we made Japanized-English.


How was this post about Japanezed-English?

This is more information about grammar for N5 level.

50 ponts to be mastered in grammar for N5 in JLPT

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