Children’s day (こどもの日)

Children’s day

Now Japan has long holidays from April 27th to May 6th. This week is called “Golden week”.

In this golden week, we have holiday for children.

May 5th is national holiday in Japan.

It’s called “Children’s day”.

You may see Koinobori, carp streamers in street in this season、especially in countryside of Japan.


On the day, we traditionally celebrate children’s success, health and growth with some special foods and ornaments.

In this post, I will introduce this event.  

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Koinobori (carp streamers) , Armor and helmet 

You may see Koinobori, carp streamers in street in this season.

Family with boy sets up carp streamers outside like this and displays Japanese armor and helmet inside of house.

Carp streamers have the meaning of success and happiness for children as carps usually swim and overcome against river stream.

Koinobori set usually have more than three carps in one stick. Carps represent Father in black and biggest one, mother in red color and children in blue and smaller one. Father carp shows symbol of family, mother shows symbol of life and children show growth.



We usually eat kashiwa mochi, sticky rice wrapped in oak leave with red beans inside.

The reason why we eat kashiwa mochi is said that oak leaves never falls until new one grows and that means family growth and prosperity to family.


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This post is about ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri festival), girl’s day.


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