Why do you study Japanese?

Why do you study Japanese?

I get many messages from non-Japanese saying that “I want to study Japanese. Please teach me” since 2015 when I started teaching Japanese.


Then I always ask them that “Why do you study Japanese?”

I would like to know the reason why non-Japanese persons want to study Japanese, how serious that person want to study what is their interest in Japan. By hearing these, I will give them advice how to study according to their reason, motivation and interests.

I introduce answers I got to my question “Why do you study Japanese?”    

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Answers to “Why do you study Japanese?”

  • I love Japan and its culture.
  • I want to live in Japan.
  • I want to work in Japan.
  • I will go to Japan to study Japanese language.
  • I married Japanese woman.
  • I have Japanese friend and want to talk in Japanese.
  • I love Japanese Manga and music.
  • I will travel to Japan near future.
  • I am kind of Japanese otaku.
  • I am working with Japanese now and want to communicate with Japanese more.
  • I am researching about Christian culture in Japan.
  • I want to know meaning of Japanese music lyrics.  
  • I want to cook Japanese cuisine.
  • I want to find Japanese girl friend and marry.

(These are frequent answers but only part of many answers.)


Motivated person

To keep studying Japanese language is very difficult as Japanese language is difficult especially when you do not have good teacher or tutor around you and off course you may be busy with other matters…

But I think person with strongly motivated person and clear interest in Japanese culture tends to keep studying.

SO  let you ask yourself and try to answer to “Why do you study Japanese?”   

If you can answer clearly, you are strongly motivated person!

But if you are busy with other matters, you may stop study for a while but please come back soon not to forget what you have studied!


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3 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    Proud to be able to read and speak 1 more language.

  2. Khalid says:

    I am interesting about miyamoto muzashi and i hope to read the book of five rings in japanese

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