Let’s study 5W1H(なに、どこ、だれ etc.)


Hi, I got question about how to use which (どれ) in Japanese.

When you ask questions, you use what, who, which, whom and how in English, right?

These are called 5W1H.

This is post about 5W1H.

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Simple question

When you have question and if question can be answered with yes or no,

We often use ~か at end of sentence.

For example, I had dinner in Englishよるごはんをたべました.

If you change this to question, did you have dinner? Is よるごはんをたべましたか?

Just add 〜か at end of sentence.


This is more information about ~か


5W1H question

Then if you want to ask more complicated question that can not be answered with yes or no, you may you use 5W1H (what, who, which, whom and how).


These are chart 5W1H in both English and Japanese with examples.

I summarize only very basic ones.


In English In Japanese In English In Japanese


なに なん What is this? これはなに(なん)ですか?
Where  どこ Where is station? えきはどこですか?
Who  だれ Who are you? あなたはだれですか?
Which  どっち どちら どの+noun Which do you like?
Which color do you like?
Whom  だれに だれを Whom do you give? だれにあげますか?
How  どう どのくらい どのように How is situation?
How long does it take?



If you master this, please practice by making simple sentence with these 5W1H.


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